Anti-Ragging Committee


  • The committee has a mechanism in place by means of which it ensures compliance with the UGC regulation 2009 for curbing the menace of ragging at institute level.
  • The committee monitors and oversees the performance of Anti-ragging squad in prevention of ragging in the institution
  • Every student admitted to the course is asked to submit an on-line affidavit stating that he/she will not indulge in any act of ragging.
  • Posters have been displayed in the campus indicating that ragging is strictly prohibited in the institution and the penalty measures to be taken thereof.
  • List of Anti-ragging committee members along with their personal contact numbers have been displayed on college notice board so that the victims may approach any of these members to address the issue of ragging.


  • An Anti-ragging squad is nominated by the principal with the representation from the campus community.
  • It makes surprise raids in girls’ and boys’ common rooms and hostels and other places vulnerable to incidents of and having the potential of ragging.
  • It conducts on the spot enquiry in to any incident of ragging.
  • The committee maintains alert vigil at all times and ensures that the Anti- ragging squad of the institution carries out their functions properly.