Pharmacy as a Course

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving and expanding, generating a wealth of job opportunities for competent candidates. This industry is concerned with the discovery, development, production, formulation, and manufacturing of market/pharmaceutical drugs intended to be used as medicines and is applicable to a wide range of regulations, policies, and laws related to copyrighting, evaluating, and safeguarding of drug use. The pharmaceutical industry's significance originates from the numerous work opportunities accessible. From the formulation to the marketing of medical supplies, each discipline provides seekers with a slew of opportunities.

Studying Pharmacy In 2022

Students that pursue pharmacy as a career and work in the business world benefit from a very advantageous and lucrative placement option. Because healthcare is such an attractive segment in a developing country like India, the demand for qualified Pharmaceutical experts and practitioners is incredibly high. Corresponding to this fact, the curriculum for pharmaceutical education is very extensive and comprises varied medical subjects that give a deep knowledge to students about drugs, their manufacture, their testing, and processes involved from scratch to retail for consumption by end-users. Likewise, trained medical personnel is required at each stage of these processes, which brings in a plethora of job openings to pharmaceutical graduates and postgraduates. 

Reasons to Pursue Your Pharmacy Degree from Delhi NCR

The Delhi-NCR region is known as India's educational capital. Along with a diversified background, the city offers students a wide range of career prospects, placements, internships, industrial tours, and state-of-the-art facilities. We have top institutions like All India Institute of Medical Science and Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research when it comes to obtaining a medical line. Studying in Delhi also provides students with numerous networking possibilities and opportunities for socio-cultural contact with their classmates. All of the high-ranking government institutions are located in Delhi, and they provide a comprehensive approach to educating students. Such extensive exposure can aid students in exploring new professional paths, as well as the different possibilities available to them, not to mention the convenience of commuting owing to DMRC. Not just in Delhi, but also in the NCR districts of Noida and Gurgaon, there is a strong infrastructure in place with corporate-infused institutes for a bright future. Greater Noida alone comprises over 25 institutions that offer a degree in pharmaceutical studies, giving students a wide range of options to select from when it comes to finding the right college for them.

Top 10 Private Pharmacy Colleges in Delhi NCR

When it comes to Delhi NCR, the majority of colleges lie in the Greater Noida region of NCR. These institutions are mostly private and have deeply rooted corporate ties, rendering a profitable career to students who study there. Following is the list of some of these institutions in and around the state capital of India. The average annual fees per year of these institutions are also mentioned below:

  • Amity University
    Average annual fees— 180000 Rupees
  • Spectrum Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences And Research
    Average annual Fees— 80000 Rupees
  • Sharda University
    Average annual Fees— 179000 Rupees
  • Galgotia University
    Average annual fees— 139000 Rupees
  • Noida Institute Of Engineering And Technology
    Average annual fees— 540000 Rupees
  • IIMT Group Of Colleges
    Average annual Fees— 115000 Rupees
  • Jss Academy Of Technical Education
    Average annual fees— 253000 Rupees
  • Lloyd Institute Of Management And Technology
    Average annual Fees— 106000 Rupees
  • H.I.M.T. College Of Pharmacy
    Average annual Fees— 94000 Rupees
  • Skyline Institute Of Engineering And Technology
    Average annual fees— 105000 Rupees

How to Select the Most Appropriate Pharmacy College

Given below are the broad categories that students keep a check on while securing admission into an institution. While these factors may not be absolute, they’re a place to start as they give a concrete idea to students about what they should look forward to in their preferred Pharmacy College / institution. These factors are mentioned below:

  • Check For Accreditation

This is the most important element to think about while enrolling in a pharmacy school. When the institution was established, as well as when regulatory bodies like the Pharmacy Council of India and the All India Council for Technical Education gave it their approval. National and international authorities such as the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recognise respectable institutions.

  • Track The Previous Placement Record

Having a placement cell assures parents that their children will be positioned in excellent firms when the course is completed, as well as assists students in finding suitable employment. Companies handpick students for industry involvement programmes, which are offered on a frequent basis at a few recognised institutes. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with recent alumni about the real placement insights, or simply check where they’ve been currently working basis their graduation/ post-graduation from the college in question.

  • The Infrastructure Of The College

The institute's location and proximity play a key role in determining whether or not it is a good place to graduate from. This entails inspecting the surrounding areas, a reliable transportation system, and the institution's overall infrastructure, which includes the campus size, classroom size, audiovisual methods of teaching in lecture halls, spacious library, well-equipped labs, socio-cultural clubs and societies, hygienic mess and canteen, and a large botanical garden, all of which are essential to pursuing a Pharmacy degree. Students should also be aware of the institution's security and surveillance procedures to ensure their ultimate safety.

  • Affordability

Regardless of how outstanding an institution is, whether or not it is within your budget will ultimately determine whether or not you can study there. Students should be able to pay the fees charged by the school, or check to see whether they are eligible for scholarships. A good education is one thing, but whether it is accessible to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds is another factor to be considered.

  • Faculty Of The Institution

As established, an organization’s most valuable asset is its employees. The faculty members that teach in the institution are in the same boat. You should seek colleges with professors who have sufficient experience, qualifications, and corporate ties. Bonus points if you have industry professionals as guest faculty since they can provide you unmatched exposure and networking possibilities.

  • Any Other Relevant Criteria

Ultimately, students decide what matters to them the most. Whether it is the cultural club of the college or a great networking opportunity that attracts them, every individual will have a different priority before entering a college. They can choose as per their suitability what factor is primal to them.


Fetching a viable and rewarding career in the field of pharmacy is undeniably a game-changer for students. If you’re a student who’s just completed your 12th with the medical stream, you might want to check the innumerable career benefits that pharmacy will carve for you. Not just in terms of compensation and long term advantages, but also in terms of prestige and recognition. Not to mention, staying ahead of everyone in terms of updates on new research, products, medicines, drug developments, procedures and a lot more. In this article, you can look up more on the colleges listed above and check their curriculum, advantages, and course highlights to add them to your shortlisted pharmacy college list.