What Does A Pharmaceutical Industry Entail?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an upsurge in the adulation of the pharmaceutical industry and the ones who work in pharmaceutics. This industry generally deals with the discovery, development, production, formulation, and manufacturing of market/pharmaceutical drugs, which are to be used as medication, and are subjected to a number of rules, laws and regulations, concerned with the patenting, testing, and ensuring the safety of the usage of medicines. The pharmaceutical industry owes its popularity to the vast range of career opportunities that it can provide. From the formulation to the selling of medical drugs, each sphere has endless opportunities for the aspirants. Moreover, a job in pharmaceutics can secure you a good salary, and a beneficial lifestyle.

Today, a large number of (Medical) Pharmacy colleges and universities offer pharmaceutical courses, along with placements in companies, internships and much more. This article will aim at elaborating how to get a job in the top pharmaceutical industry, and all the necessary information that comes along.

Reasons to Choose Pharmaceutics as a Career

COVID-19 have turned the world's view toward the world of pharmaceutics, as during the period every aspect of life got somehow connected to pharmaceutics, and everybody was curious about the discovery and distribution of vaccines. However, that doesn't mean pharmaceutics doesn't have any value outside the coronavirus period. Here are few reason why you should choose pharmaceutics for your career:

1. A great range of career paths— Students studying pharmaceutics, have a variety of options to choose from, that they find themselves suitable for

Students studying pharmaceutics, have a variety of options to choose from, that they find themselves suitable for

2. High-end salary— Pharmaceutics contain some of the highest paying jobs, as the work requires expertise.

3. There are high chances of further increase in the number of pharmaceutical jobs in the future, just as they are expanding now.

4. More Scope— Even while studying pharmaceutics, there are high chances of getting selected for internships and part-time jobs, which can help with one's personal expenses while graduating.

5. Personally and professionallyrewarding — The field of pharmaceutics is appreciated by everybody, all over the world. The spree of satisfaction that this brings to a student, as a key contributor to the healthcare landscape in India is unparalleled.

6. Social Upliftment— By having a job in pharmaceutics, you are also indirectly contributing for the betterment of life. This is because you can get an opportunity to partake and render your support and contribution in various healthcare drives, charitable trusts, and government schemes to provide subsidised medicines and much more.

Courses that can lead to a strong career in Pharmaceutics

To choose a career in pharmaceutics, it is important for the students to know about the pharmacy courses available, and choose one according to their preference, aptitude, skill and knowledge. Students passing their 12th boards examination with science stream are eligible for studying pharmaceutics and choose from a variety of courses which vary in duration, opportunities, syllabus and degree. The courses are:

1. Diploma in Pharmacy— A 2 year program that covers basic pharmaceutical education such as application of chemistry in the pharmaceutical sector, concepts of pharmacology, biochemistry, and toxicology.

  1. a. Diploma In Veterinary Pharmacy
  2. b. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Management
  3. c. Post Graduate Diploma In Herbal Products
  4. d. Post Graduate Diploma In Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance
  5. e. Post Graduate Diploma In Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  6. f. Post Graduate Diploma In Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
  7. g. Pgdm In Pharmacovigilance
  8. h. Pgdm In Pharmaceutical Management

2. Bachelor in Pharmacy (BPharm)— the 4 year course is available for the students who pass the 12th board with at least 50%, and the course imparts knowledge about the healthcare business and biochemical science.

  1. a. B.Pharm(Hons.)
  2. b. B.Pharm In Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  3. c. B.Pharm In Pharmaceutics
  4. d. B.Pharm In Pharmacognosy
  5. e. B.Pharm In Pharmacology
  6. f. B.Pharm In Ayurvedic
  7. g. B.Pharm+Mba (Dual Degree)

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3. Master of pharmacy— A 2 year program after graduation, which prepares the student with vast technical, research, practical, and theoretical knowledge of pharmacy including modern and traditional medicines. The students can major in fields such as biopharmaceutics, clinical pharmacy, cosmoceuticals, DDRS, drug discovery and drug development, regulatory affairs, pharmacokinetics, etc.

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4. Doctor of Pharmacy— A 6 year program with advanced study of the medical world, with an year of internship. The students can choose from options of fields such as pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical medicine, pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy&phytochemistry, pharmacology, etc.

Skills Required To Work Successfully In Pharmaceutics

  1. 1. Strong analytical skills
  2. 2. Curiosity in analysing
  3. 3. Quality-oriented
  4. 4. Oral and written communication skill
  5. 5. Basic knowledge of the working of computer
  6. 6. Empathy
  7. 7. Ability to handle pressure and work in a challenging environment.
  8. 8. Knowledge about the products and the industry
  9. 9. Ability to interact calmly with peers
  10. 10. Attention to detail.

Professions You Can Work In the Pharmaceutical Industry

As mentioned before, the pharmaceutical industry is not limited to a pharmacist, but offers an array of options to choose from, that covers a large number of fields of expertise. Some of such professions are mentioned below.

  1. 1. Laboratory Technician
  2. 2. Microbiologist
  3. 3. Biomedical Engineer
  4. 4. Product Development Scientist
  5. 5. Senior Scientist
  6. 6. Research Scientist
  7. 7. Epidemiologist
  8. 8. Clinical Research Associate
  9. 9. Clinical Trial Administrator
  10. 10. Clinical Research Scientist
  11. 11. Packaging Operator
  12. 12. Cleanroom Operator
  13. 13. Production Supervisor
  14. 14. Manufacturing Supervisor
  15. 15. Regulatory Affair Specialist
  16. 16. Pharmacovigilance Officer
  17. 17. Validation Manager
  18. 18. Quality Control Analyst
  19. 19. Documentation Analyst
  20. 20. Maintenance Technician
  21. 21. Calibration Technician
  22. 22. Project Engineer
  23. 23. Marketing Executive
  24. 24. Marketing Representative
  25. 25. Sales Manager

Top Companies Hiring Pharmaceutical Scientists in India

  1. 1. Nestle
  2. 2. Dr.reddy’s
  3. 3. Golden opportunities private limited
  4. 4. IQVIA
  5. 5. Sandoz
  6. 6. Jubilant biosys
  7. 7. Schrodinger
  8. 8. Applied materials Inc
  9. 9. Johnson and Johnson
  10. 10. Pfizer
  11. 11. Sage therapeutics
  12. 12. Eisai
  13. 13. Biogen

How to Get a Job in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

  1. 1. In order to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sciences, the basic qualifications needed include
    • A major in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy, biology, chemistry, and medicine in college.
    • Ability to communicate, as one will be meeting with people from various backgrounds.
    • Ability to handle disappointments.

  2. 2. The students must gain expertise in both soft and hard skills.
  3. 3. The student must start working for internships and part time jobs in the field, to gain expertise and experience, which can further their possibility of getting a job in a recognised company in the future.
  4. 4. The candidate must keep checking the various websites that carry the advertisements for various jobs, to make sure that they do not miss the chance.
  5. 5. A proper Linkedin account with updated information is necessary, so that companies can approach you, if you have the necessary skills required for the same.
  6. 6. Students must try to get admission in top colleges for pharmaceutical science such as Panjab University, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, ICT Mumbai, Manipal college of Pharmaceutical Sciences and such, to even further their possibility of getting a job at top companies,


Pharmaceutical industry is constantly expanding and becoming more and more diverse, and opening up innumerable job opportunities for the aspiring candidates.Proper dedication and hard work can help the student to get a job in the top pharmaceutical industry. We have in this article, laid down all the vital information pertinent to obtaining a job in the pharma sector. Understanding all the crucial details of the Pharmaceutical Industry is the first step towards securing a steady job that provides you with overall satisfaction, decent pay, and a sense of contribution to a bigger cause.