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Scholarships and financial aid

Lloyd Scholarship Scheme

Financial Assistance for Intellectual Empowerment

Lloyd has consistently been motivated by Mr. Manohar Thairani's (President, Lloyd) vision to cultivate the future wave of leaders for various institutions, communities, and society in general. As an integral component of this vision, the Lloyd Scholarships were established to assist individuals who demonstrate exceptional academic prowess and merit top-tier education opportunities, yet lack financial resources to pursue them.

scholarships and financial

Scholarship in B.Pharm. Program

Scholarship in academic fee for the first year of the program, will be offered to the candidates of class XII, appeared in the year 2023 & 2024. Following are the scholarships offered:

Scholarship in Academic Fee % Eligibility
100% 95% & Above Aggregate in (PCM/PCB) XII
50% 90% & Above Aggregate in (PCM/PCB) XII
25% 80% & Above Aggregate in (PCM/PCB) XII
10% 75% & Above Aggregate in (PCM/PCB) XII


scholarships and financial