7th to 28th August , 2021

Lloyd focuses on providing an Industry-Integrated academic environment to make our students ready to face both the industry & corporate world with confidence and fervor. Lloyd has been actively organizing events to provide a platform to our students and other stakeholders from the academic arena for a holistic and shared learning experience. Keeping its vision at focus, a talk series titled as, “Management Lessons from Disparate Walks of Life” was organized in the month of August, 2021.


Since, life is the biggest teacher and it teaches us so many things with different aspects. However, perspective is an important element to learning. The series of events titled “Management Lessons from Disparate Walks of Life” was organized with the same objective to provide different managerial perspectives to our budding managers. The event helped them in understanding the scope of management and its lessons from different walks of life and professionals from varied fields like Sports, Mindfulness, Dance, and Music or from professionals like lawyers, doctors, administrative officers etc.

Session I: 7 August, 2021, the speaker of Eminence was Mr. Samir Suri who is a passionate runner and an enthusiastic sportsperson. Along with his passion for running, he has more than 25 years of experience across diverse sectors as International and Domestic Express and Freight Distribution, Relocation Services and Auto LPG Industry. Currently, he is AVP- Sales in Global Passive Safety Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. He bly believes that a "Marathoner is a valuable treasure and resource for any organisation." He encouraged students with his enthusiasm towards life, sports and management. He also apprised that sports carves an individual as a better manager as it teaches discipline and consistency

Session II: 8 August, 2021, the speaker of Eminence was Mr. Akhilendra Mishra. Mr. Akhilendra Mishra is an Indian film and television character actor best known for his role as Kroor Singh in the 1990s Doordarshan fantasy television series Chandrakanta. His other notable works include the character of Mirchi Seth in the 1999 critically acclaimed film Sarfarosh. He also played the character of Arjan in the Academy Award nominated film Lagaan. He played the demon king Ravana in the 2008 television adaptation of the Hindu epic Ramayana. He has recently written a book named "Akhilamritm" which is one the good seller. He inspired students to be managed and also stay connected with roots and culture. He mentioned that for being a good manager one needs to reach the depths and perfection.

Session III: 21 August, 2021, the Speaker of Eminence was Dr. Mohit D Gupta . Dr Gupta has been associated with Brahma Kumaris world spiritual university from his childhood (more than 36 years) and practices rajayoga meditation daily. He has blended scientific evidence of spirituality in his lectures and has given more than 1200 lectures and conducted symposiums all over the world (In USA, UK, Oxford and Cambridge University, Africa). By Profession, Dr. Gupta is Professor of cardiology in GB Pant Hospital and Medical Supt of Cardiac Sciences. He is also the Cardiologist in Parliament Health Annexe. Dr Gupta has won many awards and accolades of repute. In his session, he has shared the role of meditation in one's life with intensive scientific proofs and reasoning.

Session IV: 28 August, 2021 the Speaker of Eminence was Mr. Vinay Soam. Mr. Soam is a Rapper by passion. His love for music is a major source of balancing his life. He believes that music gives him motivation to fight against all evils and negativity. He has gained a special place in the hearts of his fans through his Rap. Fans denote him as #RapperBhai.

By profession, he is an entrepreneur with rich experience in working with companies namely IBM, Delhi Airport, Metro, Reliance Industries, Flipkart, and Delhivery Pvt. Ltd. He also worked as Director Revenue Vigilance and started his own venture in the field of logistics and security. He is running two parallel ventures and doing excellent in the field of Security and Transportation. By profession, he is a security expert and presently doing consultancy to many big transporters and logistics firms in the market. He always keeps himself motivated by doing new assignments and motivates others to become a job creator then a job seeker. He is an expert in time management and always enjoys all his fantasies without losing focus from the business. He shared his real life cases related to supply chain and its challenges. He also shared with students how music can help in managing life and stress in a better way.