Holi Celebration at Lloyd’s Campus | 16th March 2022

Holi Celebration at Lloyd’s Campus

16th March, 2022

Wednesday, 16th March 2022: Holi, is the festival that ignites the spirit of cheerfulness and brings us back to some cherished childhood memories. The festival that circulates the colours of joy and incites us to connect with our loved ones. We, at Lloyd Institute, celebrated the most-awaited and happy festival at our campus- Holi. While the teachers, staff, faculty, and other members immersed themselves in the heartiest celebrations, for many, it was a chance to fix broken bonds, rejoice the arrival of spring, share waves of laughter, and let their inner child out. From sharing foods and beverages, and music to the grooving, Lloyd institute really unveiled the real Holi fun that we didn't know we were missing.

The sheer act of applying Gulaal to each other signifies the value of human touch, the effect of colours, and the sentiment of love for one another. The day was unmasked by a wholesome get-together at Lloyd's spacious campus, followed by the distribution of sweets, snacks, exchanges of hugs, and collectively joining hands to instil hues of success in our students' lives. Sharing the same lineage of deities, the entire team at Lloyd graciously prayed for everyone's good health, luck, and unbridled growth while marking the festivities in full fervour. Lloyd Institute aims to embed the same unparalleled, colourful smiles in the careers of our ever-evolving students.