Heads Up to Your Pharmacy Career – Webinar 1

“Heads Up to Your Pharmacy Career – Webinar 1” was organized on 5th June on the topic “Growing opportunities in Pharmacy Profession” The Speaker Dr. Kriti Soni, Director & Head R&D, Kapiva Ayurveda spoke about increasing demand, scope, and importance of Pharma Profession.

Dr. Kriti Soni initially talked about the life of a Pharmacy professional and the immense contributions they can make to society. She explained her career journey and how she made to her current position. She talked about various formulations which are meant for a good immune system and allays diseases. She says every day new challenges come in the field of research and we should upgrade our skills to keep us ahead. She also emphasized that our practical skills in the field of pharmacy should also be strong to keep updated. Besides formal education and skills, one should be open to various industries and stay updated on the latest trends in the industry and the newest culture in the industry. She appreciates the initiatives Lloyd is taking for their students to become industry ready.