Senior Batch of Lloyd Institute welcomed the new students of its Pharmacy, Management, PGDM and Education programmes by organizing a Fresher’s Party for them on 31st August, 2019. Fresher’s party is all about making the best start to the new academic year & a time to create everlasting relationships with each other. The event is an indication of union among the students. The motif of the event was strongly inspired by the colours of rainbow VIBGYOR, which represented students from different cultures & different parts of the nation uniting as a part of LLOYD. The exquisite monsoon décor was accompanied by the weather hence giving a perfect meaning to our event CLOUD BURST- Fresher’s Carnival-2019. The event commenced right after a splendid lunch-spread under the colourful umbrella-roof arranged for all the students & staff, under the strategic guidance of Dr. Alka Jyoti and Coordinator of the Cultural-club of Lloyd “Squad-Up”, Prof. Soumya Signhal.

The event started with pulsating ambience, flashing lights, foot tapping music and continued with Punjabi folk dances and singing performances. We were fortunate to have “Ms. Minakshi Sinha”, Secretary DLSA (Addl. Civil Judge Senior Division, GB Nagar) and “Ms. Shelly”, Junior Principal (Delhi Public school, Greater Noida) as the Chief Guests & judges for the event. As the stage-heat began to rise, the floor was left open for various unbridled talents. There was a primary colour dress code for the students as per the theme- VIBGYOR. Hence, Kurta-pyjamas and salwar-suits, cool shades and casual flip flops, branded T shirts and bright bags- casual chić reigned as Lloyd opened for a warm welcome for the Fresher’s. Inquisitive about campus life and conscious of the latest fashion trends, the fresher’s dressed their best. Each event was marked by a variety entertainment program that comprised folk dances, solo dances, fusion dances, fashion show, singing and games. The students worked untiringly to put together entertainment programs that enthralled the distinguished audience alike and drew them irresistibly on to the stage to join in the fun. The most interesting part of the events was the selection of Miss Fresher and Mr. Fresher of the respective departments. The students for these titles were selected by a jury consisting of the student representatives and seniorfaculty members, who judged them on the basis of their talent, wit and intellectual answers in the question rounds and appearance.

The Mr. and Ms. Fresher were:

• Kuber & Soumya from B.PHARM

• Pravesh & Nikita from D.PHARM

• Rishi & Tanya from BBA

• Aniket & Urvashi from MBA

• Ayush & Harshit from PGDM

• Anil & Tanya from B.Ed.

We were bound to add some titles due to the exceptional performances by the students, amongst which the following stole the titles:

• Mr. Heart stealing smile- Talha from D.Pharm 1st year

• Miss Chand ka tukda- Smriti from PGDM 1st year

• Show-stopper of the day- Hitesh from B.Pharm 4th year

• Show-stopper of the day- Yogesh from MBA 2nd year

• Show-stopper of the day- Priyanka from B.Ed. 2nd year

• Mr. Crowd puller- Nikita & Group from D.Pharm 1st year

• Artistic eyes- Priyanka Singh from B.Ed 2nd year

• Singing sensation- Deepika Gupta from D.Pharm 2nd year

• Spark of the eve- Yogesh & Nitin from MBA 2nd year

Mr. Manohar Thairani, The President of Lloyd Group of Institutions and & Dr. Vandana Arora, passionate Group Director, bestowed the final titles at this prime occasion. The celebration ended with abundant time-span for breaking-a-leg at the dance floor, under the drizzling sky & best wishes of knowledge, experience, fun & happy memories from the LLOYD FAMILY. The event turned out to be a huge success with immense hard-work & cooperation from the student volunteers & the event owners- Ms. Mamta, Ms. Monica, Ms. Akanksha, Ms. Renuka & Ms. Kirti.