Diwali Carnival 2021

Diwali Carnival October, 2021

29th - 30 th October, 2021

Lloyd organized a delightful Diwali carnival for the students on 29th and 30th October 2021. The event opened with the colorful rangoli competition where students showcase their talent with the splash of colors. There were various food, games and fun stalls for everyone to enjoy and have fun. The students were awarded for the best decoration of stalls and highest revenue generation. Students from the Pharmacy department exhibited certain innovative models and depicted their skills. The event was followed by Tug-of-war between Pharmacy and Management students. Management boys and Pharmacy girls team bagged the trophies. The carnival was summed up by PGDM students with the enthralling Nukkad natak which was enjoyed by the audience and students. The Diwali carnival was a huge success and encouraged students to exhibit their best and celebrate grand.