AICTE (ATAL) Academy Sponsored One Week Online (FDP)

AICTE (ATAL) Academy Sponsored One Week Online (FDP)

16th to 20th August, 2021

Life Skill Development of Educators through Inner Transformation by “Art of Living”

Lloyd Institute of Management & Technology (Pharm.) successfully conducted a Five days online Faculty Development Program (FDP)in the thrust area of Life Skill Management, sponsored by ATAL academy. The FDP entitled “Life Skill Development of Educators Through Inner Transformation by "Art of Living" was conducted through zoom platform, from 16th August to 20th August 2021, daily between 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM. In all 14 sessions of 2 hours each were conducted over these 5 days apart from inaugural on the first day and valedictory session on the concluding day. The sessions were conducted by renowned trainers from the “Art of Living Foundation” Mr. Rajeev Nambiar and Mr. Vishesh Deep. Two yoga sessions were conducted by Mr. Abhishek Pachauri a qualified yoga trainer, who is a regular Faculty at Lloyd.

Day-1 (Monday): 16th August, 2021: The program commenced at 10:00 AM. with a short inaugural which was presided by the Chief Guest Mr. Prashant Rajore, Director, The Art of Living Foundation, Bengaluru and Group Director, Lloyd Institute of Management and Technology, Prof. Vandana Arora Sethi. This was followed by the first technical session on “Effective Communication & Introduction to Meditation” by Mr. Rajeev Nambiar. The session was highly interactive and importance of communication and how to break the barriers was demonstrated by making the participants open up by the end of the session.

There was a mid-session break for the participants at 11:30 AM, to allow participants to join the Joint Inaugural of 22 FDPs by ATAL -AICTE.

In the second session “Coping with Uncertainty and Dynamics of Happiness and Yoga” delivered by Mr. Vishesh Deep, State Director, Art of Living Foundation, Delhi NCR emphasized upon the non-permanency of things and situations as situations keep changing and nothing is permanent. Under any circumstances the mental balance has to be maintained. He also explained how Yoga and meditation are important and can keep oneself happy and energized.

At 2:30 PM a short lunch break of half an hour was announced and the participants were instructed to rejoin sharp at 3:00 PM.

In the third and the concluding session of the first day Mr. Rajeev Nambiar described the Significance of Taking Ownership and Responsibility at workplace and how team dynamics works

Day-2 (Tuesday): 17th August, 2021: Day-2 had a dynamic start with Basic Yoga Training by Mr. Abhishek Pachauri, Professional Yoga Trainer, Lloyd . He demonstrated several breathing practices and common asanas with the assistance of Ms. Renuka Sharma, Faculty at Lloyd. The delegates were supposed to perform parallelly with their videos on so that Mr. Pachauri could correct them online. He concluded the session by discussing the significance of “AHAAR” in our lives. He described three different categories of food and stressed upon the fact that one should stick to “SATVIK” food which is not only nutritious and beneficial for health but also influences our thoughts, action and mental peace.

This was followed by a session on Sudershan Kriya by Mr. Vishesh Deep. At the end of the session there was an experience sharing by the delegates with the coach.

At 2:00 PM there was a break for half an hour.

Session resumed at 2:30 PM with Mr. Rajeev Nambiar who discussed the causes, implications and methods to address “Burn Out and Rust Out in Students and Faculties”. The session concluded at 4:30 PM with a short open discussion and experience sharing by the delegates.

Day-3 (Wednesday): 18th August, 2021: The Day commenced with a review of some questions that were given to the delegates on the previous day by Mr. Rajeev Nambiar followed by deep insights into the Causes of Stress and How to Handle it Effectively. The take away message was “Accept people and situation as they are”.

This was followed by repeat practice of Sudershan kriya with tips on how to practice it at home daily by own self. The participants then took a break for lunch for half an hour.

The session resumed at 2:30 PM for yet another interesting talk on “Fostering Creativity and Innovation at Work Place” by Mr. Rajeev Nambiar.

Day-4 (Thursday): 19th August, 2021: The day commenced with Basic Yoga practices and Breathing Exercises. Key highlight was chair yoga which can be practiced in offices while working. The session conducted by Mr. Abhishek Pachauri in assistance with Ms. Renuka Sharma was highly appreciated. The second session was on “Uncommon Sensed Wellness by Mr. Rajeev Nambiar. The day concluded with a Meditation Workshop by Mr. Vishesh Deep.

Day-5 (Friday): 20th August, 2021: On the final day the first session was conducted by Mr. Rajeev Nambiar on “Adhering to Commitments Through Inner Peace and Outer Dynamism”. Sir emphasized the importance of fulfilling commitments and how to effectively strike a balance, between inner peace and outer dynamism without making work burdensome, putting in ones best efforts even into smallest of tasks.

This was followed by a session on “Instilling a Sense of Responsibility Towards Students, Institutions and colleagues”. It was quite an interesting session and the delegates could very well relate to it.

Post lunch a google form link was shared with the participants to assess their learning during the past four days. Also, the participants were requested to fill the feedback form on the ATAL portal.

The valedictory session was presided over by the Chief Guest Dr. Girdhari Lal Garg, Assistant Director, AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Cell, AICTE New Delhi and the Group Director of Lloyd Institute of Management and Technology (Pharm), Prof. Vandana Arora Sethi. Dr. Vandana extended a warm welcome to the chief guest and to the delegates. She also expressed her thanks to AICTE for extending their support as grant.

Dr. Garg in his address quoted, “Whenever we say “YES” to anything around us, our consciousness broadens & we feel more creative and innovative”. He emphasized that unless the teachers become creative in teaching, they may not be able to justify their role. He also said that “The things that we learned though this FDP session must be well implemented in our life, which would ultimately help us in improving our quality of life & indirectly contribute to the betterment of our students”.

This was followed by experience sharing and oral feedback from selected participants. Participants were highly contented and thrilled and mentioned that this was a life transformational FDP for them which was very well planned and executed. They mentioned that this kind of programs should be conducted more frequently and would benefit not only the individuals but also the students, organizations, families and society as a whole.

Also, three of the participants were recognized as “The star performers” and felicitated based on their regularity, active participation throughout the FDP and score obtained in the assessment test.

The major goal of this FDP was to teach techniques for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression & to ensure the mental peace and wellbeing of participants. To acquaint the participants with immunity-building practices so as to ensure good health and to improve the energy levels and motivate the teachers. It certainly helped to improve relationships and foster a spirit of Teamwork.