23rdMay 2020

Lloyd Institute of Management and Technology (Pharm) conducted its third webinar of Covid-19 webinar series, on 23rd May, 2020. The theme of the Webinar-3.0 was “Holistic Approach to Fight Covid-19: Immunity Boosting & Treatment Options” and it saw participation of 700 participants from 90 different colleges including medical professionals from all over the Country. The event was conducted through ZOOM portal and was live on Lloyd YouTube Channel.

The purpose was to explore the possibility of integrating modern medicine i.e. Allopathy and traditional systems of medicine like Homeopathy and Ayurveda to fight Covid-19 and emphasize the importance of immunity as a single most important weapon. The panels of experts to address the issue were noted medical practitioners from different systems of medicine and a representative from Pharmaceutical industry. The panel included:

  • Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Nanda, Founder Director, Nutrilife India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dr. Geeta Rani Arora, (BHMS, MD), a renowned Homeopathic practitioner from NCR
  • Vaidya (Dr.) Ruchi Gulathi, (BAMS, MD), Director, Sukh Ayurveda, Noida
  • Lt. Col. (Dr.) Sarvesh Srivastava, (MBBS, MD), an Allopathic practitioner from Indian Army contingent deployed as United Nations Peace Keeping Forces.

Mr. Dhiraj Nanda, while addressing the audience emphasized the role of immunity in pandemics like Covid-19 and otherwise in general wellbeing of an individual. He also explained various measures to improve one’s natural immunity by balanced nutritious diet and a good routine. In his discussion he also explained how the nutritional supplements and immunity boosting products in the market can make up for the deficiency of some micronutrients that are lacking in our diet and hence help not only in maintaining high levels of body defense but also improve the cognitive functions. However, he strictly warned that rationale use of such products is important by using them only under supervision and advice of expert medical practitioners else these products may prove to be rather harmful.

Second speaker Dr. Geeta Rani Arora shared her perspective of importance and role of homeopathy in epidemics and pandemics Siting various examples of historical incidences where homeopathy had successfully evolved human race from pandemic and epidemic diseases she stressed that there are sufficient evidences to prove that homeopathy with its lower mortality rate is the right and the safer option . Often it has been underrated by people at large. She also said that it is purely a misconception that these medicines are slow to act. Besides she apprised the audience of some of the homeopathic medicines that have already proven their usefulness in prophylaxis of Covid-19 and can be resorted to.

Our third speaker Dr. Ruchi Gulati, a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner, shared her deep insights into Ayurveda and highlighted that Ayurvedic system analysis disease as an outcome of imbalance in our diet, conduct, character and hygiene. She said that pandemics have been addressed as Janapadodhwamsa and contagious diseases like Covid as Aupasargika roga and are not new to Ayurveda. She explained that as per the principles of Ayurveda there are four factors which determine the specific characteristics of epidemics that is Jala, Vayu, Disha & Kala. Also the measures to control the contagious diseases like Covid-19 like social distancing, hand washing and breathing etiquettes are not at all new to Ayurveda rather they are the core regular practices prescribed in it. Besides she said that Ayurveda ensures holistic healing i.e. physical, mental and spiritual well being of an individual and not merely freedom from disease. She apprised the audience with the importance and relevance of Ayurvedic practices in current Covid-19 and how several trials by ministry of Ayush have met success in this case. She highlighted few home remedies also prescribed by Ayush to protect oneself from the current pandemic and recommended that apart from Arogya Setu app everyone should also install Aayush Sanjivani App which is from the Ministry of AYUSH, a mobile app, through which more 50 lakhs of people are connected and getting benefitted.

Fourth Speaker Lt. Col. Dr. Sarvesh Srivastava explained the protocol that is being currently followed in hospitals for dealing with Covid-19 patients and how health workers are taking care of their own safety while handling the patients. He also discussed about the significance and need for vaccine and the various other roadblocks being faced in dealing with current Corona crisis. During his talk he focused on the general management of the patients & guidelines to be followed.

The session was concluded with a series of interesting questions from audience, which were well answered by the respective expert panelist.

The discussion was summed up by the moderator for the session Dr. Chitra Gupta, who concluded that Immunity is the best defence weapon that can help fight Covid-19. Modern/Allopathic medicine has several inherent drawbacks while the indigenous systems may not be sufficient to exist of their own under certain conditions. So the need of the hour is to integrate all forms of medicine under a single umbrella and create tailor made individualized treatment modules for the benefit of the patients and holistic healing.

All together the event was a grand success as could be understood from the feedback, messages, mails received and chats during the session. Some of the participants were of the opinion that it was one of the best webinars they have attended pertaining to Covid-19.

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