Campus Placement Drive Report: SR Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

Campus Placement Drive Report: SR Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

20th Dec, 2023

Company: SR Medicare Pvt. Ltd. 

Position: International Business Associate 

CTC: 4.2 LPA 

Date: 20th December 2023 

Venue: LIMT

Final Placement Selection: 1 Student



On December 20, 2023, SR Medicare Pvt. Ltd. conducted a campus placement drive at Lloyd Institute for the position of International Business Associate. The event aimed to identify and recruit a suitable candidate for this role, offering a CTC (Cost to Company) of 4.2 LPA (Lakhs Per Annum).


Selection Process

The selection process comprised multiple stages designed to assess various skills and competencies of the candidates. The stages included:


Pre-Placement Talk:

The drive commenced with a pre-placement talk where representatives from SR Medicare Pvt. Ltd. introduced the company, its values, work culture, and the specific details of the International Business Associate role. This session provided the students with a clear understanding of what the company expects from its potential employees and what they can look forward to in terms of career growth and opportunities.


Aptitude Test:

Following the pre-placement talk, an aptitude test was conducted. This test was designed to evaluate the analytical, quantitative, and verbal skills of the candidates. It served as an initial filter to shortlist candidates for the subsequent rounds.


Group Discussion:

 Shortlisted candidates from the aptitude test participated in a group discussion. This round assessed the candidates' communication skills, ability to work in a team, leadership qualities, and their knowledge on current affairs and industry-related topics.


Technical and HR Interviews:

The final stage of the selection process involved technical and HR interviews. The technical interview focused on the candidates' subject knowledge, problem-solving skills, and understanding of international business dynamics. The HR interview evaluated the candidates' personality, cultural fit, and long-term career aspirations.


Final Selection

After a rigorous selection process, one student was successfully selected for the position of International Business Associate at SR Medicare Pvt. Ltd. The selected candidate demonstrated exceptional skills and competencies that aligned with the company’s expectations and requirements.



The campus placement drive by SR Medicare Pvt. Ltd. at Lloyd Institute was a successful event, culminating in the selection of a highly competent student for the International Business Associate role. The drive provided a valuable opportunity for the students to engage with a leading company in the healthcare sector and showcased the institute's commitment to facilitating quality placements for its students.


This placement drive not only marks a significant milestone for the selected student but also strengthens the relationship between Lloyd Institute and SR Medicare Pvt. Ltd., paving the way for future collaborations and opportunities.