Campus Interview Report: CHCS Services Pvt. Ltd. at Lloyd Institute

Campus Interview Report: CHCS Services Pvt. Ltd. at Lloyd Institute

20th May, 2024

Date of Event: Monday, 20th May 2024

Company: CHCS Services Pvt. Ltd. (Wellcove)

Position: Trainee Associate

Compensation: 3.0 LPA (Cost to Company)

Participants: M. Pharm & B. Pharm. Students



Event Summary

CHCS Services Pvt. Ltd. conducted a campus recruitment drive at Lloyd Institute aimed at hiring Pharmacy students for the position of Trainee Associate. The event was meticulously organized, ensuring a smooth process for both the recruiters and the students.


Selection Process

The selection process was structured into several stages to comprehensively assess the candidates’ technical knowledge, communication skills, and overall suitability for the role.


Pre-Placement Talk:

   - The event began with a pre-placement talk, where representatives from CHCS Services Pvt. Ltd. provided insights into the company’s background, mission, vision, and the specifics of the Trainee Associate role.

   - The presentation also covered the career growth prospects within the company, the work culture, and the benefits offered to employees.


Aptitude Test:

   - Candidates were first required to undergo an aptitude test designed to evaluate their analytical, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.

   - The test was conducted online, and results were promptly announced.


Technical Interview:

   - Shortlisted candidates from the aptitude test proceeded to the technical interview round.

   - This round focused on the candidates’ academic knowledge, especially in the domain of pharmacy, their understanding of pharmaceutical principles, and relevant technical skills.


HR Interview:

   - The final stage was the HR interview, which aimed to assess the candidates’ interpersonal skills, cultural fit within the organization, and overall personality.

   - Topics discussed included career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, and situational questions to gauge problem-solving abilities.



After a rigorous selection process, 11 students were successfully selected for the position of Trainee Associate. The selected candidates demonstrated exceptional skills and aligned well with the company’s expectations and values.



The campus interview by CHCS Services Pvt. Ltd. was a significant opportunity for the Pharmacy students at Lloyd Institute, providing them with a pathway to embark on their professional careers. The successful placement of 11 students highlights the competence of the institute’s curriculum and the quality of its students.