Department of Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosyis the study of drugs obtained from plant kingdom and other natural sources. The study involves the identification, extraction, isolation and characterization of plant constitutes and study of their pharmacological effects.Plant kingdom is the rich source of valuable drugs. Various useful drugs like viscristine, vinblastine andtaxol (anticancer drugs), quinine (antimalarial), reserpine (tranquilizer), morphine (analgesic) have been derived from plant sources. The Department of Pharmacognosy provides necessary facilities for the development herbal products, herbal product standardization and characterization. The lab equipment include camera lucida, dissection microscope, moisture balance, hot-air oven, analytical balance, muffle furnace, chromatography cabinet, heating mental, microscope compound, heating plate and water bath.

Apart from this we have maintaining a herbal garden within the campus with more than 80 species of important medicinal and aromatic plants. The garden is attached with the Pharmacy Building and its main purpose is to carry out experimental work, serves an important tool for teaching and research, to preserve and promote the medicinal values of the plants which grow mostly wild, in our surrounding and whose properties are beneficial in maintaining a balance between man and nature. Herbal gardens are the precious source of raw material for medicinal remedies used in primary health care. The herbal garden generally consists of all the herbs which have medicinal and aromatic properties.