Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics is the science of drug formulations. It comprises the formulation design, development andevaluationfor the intended pharmaceutical application. The drug formulations include solid and liquid dosage forms, aerosols, ointments and various novel drug delivery systems.The curriculum includes General pharmacy, Unit operations, Physical pharmacy, Dispensing Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical and Industrial pharmacy,Hospital pharmacy, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical biotechnology, Bio-pharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics and Novel drug delivery system.The Department of Pharmaceutics provides all the necessary labs and facilities for the preparation and validation of conventional as well as novel drug formulations. The department has four undergraduate and two postgraduate labs. The labs are equipped with all the necessary equipment like electronic balance,mechanical rotary shaker, homogenizer, deep freezer,disintegration test apparatus,tincture press, Reynolds apparatus, Brookfield viscometer, millipore filtration assembly, orbital shaker incubator, compound microscope, tissue culture bath, VDRL shaker and colony counter and hot air oven.Students are provided training in various aspects of formulation development, ADME studies and acquire necessary skills to work at various capacities in pharmaceutical industries.