Department Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the core branches of pharmacy which comprises the study of physical and chemical properties of drugs and other chemicals which are used in drug formulations (excipient). It is the study of qualitative-quantitative estimation drugs, their synthesis procedures andmethods of characterization. This also covers the characterization and development of easy synthetic procedures of drugs from natural sources. The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry provides all the necessary facilities for the synthesis and qualitative-quantitative analysis of organic compounds. It has four labs namely organic and synthetic chemistry lab, physical chemistry lab, analytical chemistry lab and biochemistry lab. The labs arewell equipped with the various analytical instruments including Rota vapor, electric balance, UV chamber, vacuum pump, refractometer, heating plate, heating mantle, hot air oven, melting point apparatus, mechanical stirrer and magnetic stirrer with hot plate,titration units,double distillation unit, pH meter, polarimeter, potentiometer, conductivity meter, photo eclectic colorimeter, Kjeldhalapparatus, refractometer,moisture balance, Kipp’s Apparatus, electronic balance, bulk density apparatus, hot air oven and centrifuge.Here, students get necessary skills to work in industrial analytical section as well as and synthetic chemistry. A molecular modeling lab is also developed which helps the students to study the 3D conformations of drugs and receptor molecules which in turn helps them to understand the Drug-Receptor interactions at molecular level.